The concept of God. God is based on everyone’s individual point of view. For me, “God” is love, thus, the heart logo. The brand has been created with a lot of love.

The collection has two lines: SAINT and SINNER. Because we all have two sides, our saintly side and the sinner side, our lives are based on this, the internal struggle between both sides. It is a very versatile collection. NO GENDER COLLECTIONS.

Founded & Created with love

Diego was born in Italy on March 23, 1974. Founder of the brand. After many years of experience in EGB IBIZA decides to create a new brand in which he transmits his thoughts, his questions and his doubts. A flagship carved of values ​​without losing the spirit of the child that carries within him. A brand inspired in a single phrase [GOD HAS NO NAME]. It covers all his worries, wanting to reflect even to a future where textures are mixed with phrases reflecting and opening to the world his thoughts.

Diego was a visionaire, someone who thought that we will all see ourselves in the garden of memories, in a palace of dreams where the reality is blending dreams with our fears. But who decides that it is a dream and that is reality? He had a dream which he made true, a real fruit of that projection – A brand with soul, with energy, with strength, with doubts, even with fears made from the heart. As he used to say “Beyond the rainbow there is a place where dreams become reality, where problems melt.”
[GOD HAS NO NAME] is the palpable sample of a dream come true.
Diego ♥

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